Friday, September 01, 2006

Hi hi!

Soooo, here's my new blog everybody! Hopefully I'll find some time to update while I'm away. I'm doing this because so many people have suggested that I blog my trip. I'm fearful of a few things (sharia law, canings, Japanese encephalitis) and I didn't want to add "commitment to blogging" to that list but I guess I just did.

In the interest of balancing my above-mentioned list of fears, here are the things I'm looking forward to learning about on my trip to Indonesia and East Timor:
- the peeps
- the food
- the sounds
- the work that CARE does
- enough of the Indonesian language to at least be courteous to passerby
- how resilience and hope are getting people through the tough spots

The last little while has been a blur of packing up (home, work) and partying (two goodbye parties? what the -?!). Here's a photo of some fancy times from last weekend at a wedding. Goodbye Toronto! In 12 hours I'll be heading to the airport. I have some packing to do. Next you hear from me, I'll be on the other side of the world!



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