Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back In Action!

Back in Seoul! Super thrilled. I went for a long walk last night and realized that with a lake in our Jamsil neighbourhood (albeit, man-made) and the Lotte World raccoon, it's really not that different from being in the country...?! I mean, this is just like a carnival lit-up version of this, right?

The only thing the city lacks is the serenity. The last thing we did on our country road trip was climb a mountain (surprise!) to a meditation spot. The view was great and the clay hut even had a little hutch with cushions in it that we took out and sat on. The only sound was a monk hitting a wooden bell with metronomic precision. I later saw where the temple was. It was two mountains over! Incredible.

Oh well, the countryside doesn't have a giant Converse shoe on a flatbed.

Now that I'm back, I've spent the morning making lots of plans for this coming week. Soon, you will read all about it.


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