Friday, August 10, 2007

Tu Aurais Pu Chanter Cela?

Today we got to SING A SONG in class. I'd forgotten how much we used to sing back in grade four french. The song was "Mon Frere" by Maxime Le Forestier. You should have heard us sing. A bunch of adults, desks in a circle, quietly mumbling, fumbling with the key, until the strings kick in for the chorus and then everyone's voice would swell dramatically for: "Tu aurais pu...chanter CELA!" It was a pretty great moment, in an absurd but entirely likeable way. I like that everyone was really feeling it whenever we got to that part. I imagined how we would have felt if we'd been singing this boozy chanson as 9-year-olds, with its references to the French protests of '68 and the despair of loneliness. I bet we would have been into it.

When I was 9, I was probably already bigger than Tiny Nun is now. I'm sorry to report that it was her last day today! Before I got to find out anything about her at all. She will remain a mystery. On her way out, the teacher said that maybe they would meet again one day. The nun said, "Oui. Le monde est ronde," and everyone laughed. It's funny what will make everyone laugh in a room where no one can communicate themselves effectively (even the teacher since it takes two to tango). We do laugh a lot, but usually after the coffee break, especially towards the end of the week. Youppie for le weekend.


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