Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mosquito Food For Thought

OMG. I am so connected to the world wide web.

Ok - not much time so I will go over the essentials:

1. Mosquitos are evil and for some reason they are crazy about me. They've always bitten me tons but Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis have never been an issue before. I am so itchy I want to rip my skin off from about mid-thigh down. Sorry for the gross imagery but I am losing it.

2. We had a free evening so we went for massages. I was very embarassed of the bites all over my legs but now I have some way crazier marks - I did cupping! (Uh, for those of you who read too many tabloids you've seen photos of Gwyneth's back after she's gotten it done - my marks are even more frightening). Cupping is this thing where they swab the inside of glass cups with alcohol, light them and then put them on your back. They suction to your back something fierce and it feels funny, like the reverse of a deep-tissue massage since it's sucking the skin off your back rather than placing pressure into it. Now I have a series of about 8-10 hickey things, the circumference of a drinking glass each. I liked it. The massages were done in a person's home. There was a cow outside.

3. Tomorrow morning we head to the airport. We make a couple of stops on our way to Dili, East Timor and I am very excited to get there. We will even be spending the night in Bali on the way and I expect Bali is very wired so will write more soon.

3, 2, 1 - lights out!


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