Sunday, August 19, 2007

Raspberry Sunday

The weather here is kuckoo. It changes on an hourly basis, faster even! Today, wandering by myself, I was getting mad at it, like reverse pathetic fallacy - Can't you be more decisive? Like a human I'd want to hang out with all Sunday?

This morning, I finally got Chris' supertiny washing machine to work. Chug, chug, chug. The prospect of clean clothes put me in a good mood although now, hours later, it's all hung up around the apartment to dry. I feel like a modern, indoors pioneer.

After, I took my usual route along the Canal St. Martin until it turns into Blvds Jules Ferry and then Richard Lenoir. I visited a couple of markets just as they were closing. I didn't really need any produce but just as I was walking by, a fruit vendor started yelling frantically about his raspberries. "HUIT POUR UN EURO! UN EURO! UN EURO!" It wasn't normal vendor energy. It was beyond. I don't need 8 pints of raspberries but I very easily get wrapped up in other people's crazy. I was drawn to it like it was a siren song. I was curious about exactly how frothed up he could get about selling off his raspberries. I slowly drew closer and closer. Soon I was standing right in front, and I'd pondered him for so long, that by sheer proximity, I became very excited about the prospect of 8 pints of raspberries for "UN EURO!" I bought them and he made a big show of handing them over.

I carried those raspberries with me all day. I also bought two heads of lettuce, each the size of an industrial-size mophead. I don't need this much produce! But the lettuce just looked so pretty.

I took those raspberries all around the Marais and even into the Musee Carnavalet for a moment. I took them into countless shops run by high-maintenance ladies with painted faces.

I bought a dress in one such shop. It is supercute from the front but it has so much fabric that it could seriously take a lady to a 10th month of pregnancy. I stood in the changeroom for a long time pondering this dress and decided that it was cute. Now that it is laid out on the bed looking like it could double as a floral-motif duvet cover, though, I'm a little worried.

Riding home was interesting because that's the precise moment the wind decided to pick up (we'd already gone through sunshine and rain, hot and cold, so what else was there left?). It's all uphill on the way home and my paper bag from the dress shop was acting like a sail on my lightweight bike. Not to mention the 8 pints of raspberries.

The first thing I did when I got in was put the produce in the sink to wash. Guess what? All the berries were furry! The furry caused fury. The man should have been yelling "GARBAGE! GARBAGE POUR UN EURO! UN EURO TO CARRY MY GARBAGE!" I carried those furry berries all day. I picked out a few suckers and ate them because I felt it was my right. Now I hope I don't get sick.

It's late afternoon and I'm going to try and get a little work done and tidy the apartment before I head out to dinner with Charlie. Miam!


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