Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bok from Split, Croatia


Karim and Tomi's wedding in Crikvenica was beautiful. It's kind of hard to go wrong on the stunning Croatian coast. Saturday we woke up in our beachside apartment and got dressed in our party finery. We desperately needed coffee. We walked over to Tomi's mom's house as, according to custom, everyone was gathering for a reception there. It was noon. There wasn't any coffee there but there was plenty of wine and vodka. And so it began.

After mingling and meeting both sides of the family, greeting the bride and groom, much eating and drinking, we piled into cars for the church. It was across the water, on the island of Krk, an hour's drive. The landscape was gorgeous but I snoozed most of the way there and back. What I saw was rocky and hilly, shrubbery everywhere. The church itself is by the water, by a mountain, on a hilltop by a tiny town and it's surrounded by crumbling stone. After a beautiful ceremony, we got back into the cars, headed back to Crikvenica for the reception.

Croatians can party. There was a band led by a Viggo Mortensen look-alike who took a liking to Isaac and Philippe, asking them to sing some lines in Croatian. Isaac gave a nice speech, we ate for hours, danced to Croatian music, and drank until 4 in the morning. By the end, I was barely standing, not because of the drinks but just because I was so tired. Isaac called it Wedding Survivor. I wouldn't have won.

Now we're in Split where Isaac, Katie and Philippe and I are enjoying the summery weather, waiting for the couple to arrive so we can crash their honeymoon.


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