Sunday, August 19, 2007

30 Jours A Paris

By the way, if anyone sees "2 Days in Paris" can you tell me how it ends? I saw it last night by myself and was careful to choose the "Version Originale" (as opposed to "VF" = Version Francaise, because no one wants to watch a dubbed movie!). HOWEVER, it didn't occur to me that all the sight gags would involve French conversations with poor Adam Goldberg being bereft of any understanding (he should come to my French class) (and keep his shirt off). Therefore, the "Version Originale" isn't exactly the "Version Anglaise."

I could understand the gist of the French conversations but Julie Delpy's inner monologues were a different matter. When there are no actions to help you out, the French words zing by so fast! So um, do they stay together or what?


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