Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bon Soir! Just Before I Retire, Some Notes

Today, in brief: Went to class, had lunch with Terese, went to my last afternoon Prononciation class (goodbye Laure - I've never been so enraptured by the infinitesimal differences of the 3 nasal vowels of the French language). After, I rode my bike to meet Jeremy who was having lunch with Sarah from Saskatoon. She's here with her parents who are doing this very French-sounding bike marathon race which involves sleeping in ditches by country roads (with your feet facing the road so people know you're not dead).

Jeremy, Sarah and I walked into the Dior store (Jeremy is staying in an area that is tres fancy). I went to take a photo of him looking at clothes but one of the gargantuan security guards said, "Excusez-moi, mademoiselle, les photos sont interdits." So, about one million people per second can crowd around and take photos of Mona Lisa but I can't take a picture of my friend in your store. Maybe he didn't like my jeans and backpack. Hell, I don't like my jeans and backpack but enh, whatever.

We got caught in the rain, went for a little walkabout and then we bid adieu to go our separate ways. I took my bike to the Marais to go over to Alexis' GORGEOUS apartment for a super-delicious dinner. She made risotto, summer pasta and a salad of rocket, chevre and peaches. This was the first time that I've eaten in a home with friends in Paris and it felt like being at home with Isaac and eating with our friends. I thought of the arugula growing in the backyard. It was very nice. We laughed and spoke in French, with bits of English, Italian and Spanish thrown in for good measure. It was just the ladies although Matteo arrived (straight from Germany?!) (no wonder he wasn't in class today?!) on my way out. I have a feeling that his arrival is when fete really begins but it was already late and I had the long journey uphill to come home.

Jeremy put me on the list for Rock en Seine tomorrow and Laurent has a Rock en Seine MAP he cut out from the paper (I like his style!). Tomorrow's the last day of class pour moi, et puis? Le party.


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