Tuesday, March 11, 2008

53 Days In LA

So I'm spending spring in LA. I have a to-do list that revolves around making contacts, having meetings and not being overly distracted by perfect weather. My street smells like blossoms. After wearing knee-high Sorels and trudging through the crazy snowstorm in Toronto a few days ago, it's hard not to be distracted by this blossom-y, perfect weather.

I arrived late last night after a long delay. Can you believe that Tango doesn't give a meal on a flight from TO to LA? That is just asking for some air rage. I tried to buy a sandwich but only had 100 dollar bills USD. They wouldn't take it. I was in this predicament because I had rashly spent every last Canadian penny I had on a quickie manicure in the airport terminal (10-minute mani! Brilliant!) in anticipation of my meeting the next day. Can't go to a meeting with raggedy hands like a mummy who does hard labour, which is what my hands looked like.

This is all to say that I arrived exhausted and starved. And then I got behind the wheel. Every minute I spend driving, I am 100% stressed. There is too much in my visual field. I exercise extreme concentration every time I drive, which I try to do in a zen state because I get lost every single time. I just kind of do concentric circles until I finally hit the target.

This morning I had a meeting with an agent. Now, I will always maintain that I have exceptional talent in the packing department (ask anyone) but this time I did forget one thing, an important thing: toothpaste. Yeah, it might seem easy enough to buy a new tube, but not in the state I was in last night. Plus, I truly had no idea where I was. So I had to plan my entire morning around how to brush my teeth on the way to the meeting.

It revolved around Starbucks. Because I'm not a regular, I realize that I treat Starbucks for what it is, to me - a public washroom available to me on any street corner. The plan was to buy some toothpaste, hit a Starbucks, inhale a latte (no coffee in the apartment) and then brush teeth in the bathroom.

I saw Ice-T at the Starbucks. It was in Beverly Hills. Does he realize that his name is something that is available for sale there? I liked seeing him because it reminded me that people work hard and do regular things like get coffee. Oh geez. I am thinking such LA thoughts already.

The meeting with the agent wasn't noteworthy. I knew nothing would come of it when he started talking about the weather ("Welcome to LA! It's supposed to be 70 degrees all week!").

Walking away from it, I realized that I may need a cheerleader for this whole process. Someone or something that will help me realize that I'm not doing something crazy. That's because I had a thought today, post-meeting. I thought, I'm against beauty pageants, right? They're archaic. But something about this meeting-agents-thing makes me feel like I'm a contestant in a pageant. The only difference is that it's one-on-one, over a longer period of time and behind closed doors. My talent is that I can talk into a mic. Now I feel weird...but I can't afford to think like this. It's only Day One! How do actors do it? They must be maniacs.

I had tried to look nice for the meeting. I wore sky-high heels but didn't drive in them. I put them in a plastic bag and was paranoid that I'd forget them at home by the door and then have to walk in to the meeting in my driving shoes (what am I a senior citizen?) so I checked many times that I had my heels. After the meeting, I took off my patent leather heels and put on my Birkenstocks and drove away. What does it all mean?


Blogger Duncan said...

Good luck in LA! You're awesome! Don't let boring agents get you down! Need some cheerleaders?


Those are the outtakes from our Christmas card a couple years back. BTW, I'm subscribed to the RSS for your blog; I don't check it all the time. Just in case it seemed weird that I left a comment so soon.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Sophie said...

hannie!!! i wish i could be there as your assistant/cheerleader!!

10:43 AM  

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