Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Afterwards I Got On The Wrong Bus But I Knew Where I Was Because Everyone On The Street Was A Hasidic Jew

I met Isaac's friend Italian friend Federica on Monday. On Tuesday, I was at her "Welcome back to NY" dinner party.

It was at a huge, Brooklyn brownstone, decorated in quirky splendour. Every eye angle a feast. Piles of books taller than me, stacked singly in thin, preposterous towers. Ghanian barber shop art (I covet). A plaster skull with a day-glo wig on it, a vintage 25-cent machine filled with toy rings (I also covet) and a crocodile skull (huge). Bottles with buttons. Mismatched plates and cutlery and chairs. I loved it.

It was at the house of Abigail, Federica's friend who used to make Ricky Martin videos and has since turned to making arty photos. Now who makes Ricky Martin's videos? (Just an aside). Abigail made brisket. I made brown rice with kale and arugula (more of a party hit than you'd think).

Everyone there was a photographer except Federica's cousin, Julia, who is an art historian studying the art of West Africa. Hello! Amazing. I showed her my Kidal necklace, which I wear all the time, and thought fondly of Alhassan and Habib, two teens with whom I still keep in touch.

Sitting at the dinner table, a producer who does Guy Maddin films brought up Roman Polansky's The Tenant, at which point I covered my face and screamed into my hands because I am alone in my weird apartment with the bathroom down the hall and I just saw that film the other day and it FREAKED. ME. OUT. He told me about his friend who moved in with a guy in Brooklyn. On the first night, that roomie suggested they watch The Tenant. 9 months later, he jumped out the window but didn't die....just like in The Tenant. I begged this guy to stop telling the story. A glass of wine later, I kind of forgot he told it. Until now.

I was pretty stoked by everyone's generosity, especially Abigail - having an interloping new friend be part of their fun potluck. If you told me on Monday morning that the next day I'd be showing up to a dinner party of strangers, having been invited by Isaac's ex-girlfriend whom I'd met exactly once, I....would have believed you, actually.

It was fun!


Blogger mad said...

so recklessly friendly, these new yorkers and transient new yorkers. i love it.

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