Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend in the City

Last night we went to a party at the Brooklyn Museum. I looked at art, waiting for Isaac, and saw Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party. When Isaac arrived we went into the par-tay. Hasidic Jews, rasta guys, little kids and hipsters. They were all milling about this gorgeous space-turned-dancefloor, surrounded by art.

Isaac and I hit the dancefloor (of course). On one side there was a little boy toddler with his stylish mama and her friends. He was doing a herky-jerky dance. On the other side, a very pre-pubescent but style-conscious tween boy dancing with his middle-age mama. You could tell he was sheepish at first but then he just got into it, swinging his skinny limbs around and everything. Holding hands and doing dances. It was a totally awesome Saturday night party.

This morning, Isaac and I went up to the roof and I taught him some yoga. He's a good student except that he would squawk at me during eagle pose ("CAAAW! CAAAW!"). There are constant helicopters flying overhead and today the NY Marathon was actually going by on Bedford! We could see the street lined with people and all the runners going really fast. How will they keep up that pace? Amazing.


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