Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warm and Salty, Plus Beer

Last night, Isaac and I tried a pizza place on Charlie's recommendation. It had a line out the door but it moves faster than Terroni (what doesn't?) and there aren't any tables, so you just get your slice and get outta there. I saw a fancy suit couple opening their pie and eating off the trunk of their car, standing in the gutter. Another trio sat in the stoop of a closed shop. We walked with ours.

Then, wandering the LES looking for beers, a small, high window caught Isaac's eye. We looked in. It was a matzo factory! There were two men in there, taking sheets of matzo, gently breaking them into the squares of 4, and placing them on a rotary system of hanging baskets. We were mesmerized. Isaac starting taking photos in the window, pap-style but the door was wide open so I said, "Just ask!" And they were totally nice about it. The man closest to us, without a word, passed us each a cracker. I felt like a trick-or-treating Oliver Twist. For some reason, it was kind of thrilling to happen upon a usually unseen duo of matzo-makers who work under the cover of night and have them silently pass us some warm crackers.

We continued wandering, giggly with the sheets of salty matzo, and one lady yelled, "It's not even Passover!" Then we found $3 beers and chatted until we wandered home again. Bo-homies.


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