Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Review

I felt kinda exhausted after Friday night. I had a breakfast meeting the next morning at a place that serves pancakes the size of frisbees. Then I went to Flip and his mother Susan's house in Northridge because I forgot my wetsuit in his car the day we went surfing. It was so cool to meet his mom! She's 94, sprightly and hale and she wore an Adidas warm-up jacket like she was about to run sprints. She called me "the girl from Canada" and after our afternoon visit, made me write my name in a notebook so that she'd remember me (there were many pages filled - she gets lots of visitors).

Then, Katie, Philippe and I went to a house party in Eagle Rock. Disco lights, smoke machine, pop dance hits, lots of food and....a punishingly adorable yet vicious dog. He was black and fluffy with the best kind of dog face - an elegant tip nose like the shape you'd get if you pulled a handful of clay toward you with all five fingers. Well, he was cute but he totally BIT Katie. It drew blood. I don't think she felt like dancing after that.

The next morning, the three of us met for brunch at a place that sells fancy food, including Dufflet cookies. It's funny to think that they might have been made at their factory next door to me in Toronto. After brunch we stumbled upon what must be the best store on earth: Puppies and Babies. You can't buy babies in there but they had six rough-and-tumble Maltipoo lil dudes in cribs who would flip out, wriggle, jump up on their hind legs and then do wrestling dives into their little, terrycloth sleeping mat. Could there be a better store? Answer: NO.



Anonymous Katie McC said...

Puppies & Babies! Puppies & Babies!! I miss LA already. Thanks for a great time, Hannie.

9:47 AM  
Blogger mad said...

good luck, missy.

enjoying the writing.

7:15 PM  

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