Thursday, April 17, 2008

Move Your Body, Move Your Car

The same day I dropped Jose off at the airport...I went right back to pick up Katie and Philippe! The Toronto train just keeps coming in. Today we had fun eating (while Philippe only utilises 10% of our three-way conversation time, 100% of that is spent talking about Mexican food).

Here's a weird coincidence: I was invited to a show by a girl I met once. Her band J Lep was playing their first show tonight. Philippe told me he was planning on checking out a show tonight, too...and it turned out to be the same one! It wasn't very big. What are the chances?

Anyway, J Lep was so fun. I love them.

Tomorrow I'm going surfing with someone I only know from the internet. I live in the future! Seriously! Pioneers didn't surf. Then I'm going to a shopping party. I don't really think a day can get any better.


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