Thursday, April 03, 2008

Smoke that LA LA

We've had an exciting day.

This morning I had a meeting with an agent and...I liked him! Does he like me? Seems like it. I realized after I left that I'd been holding my breath waiting for the shoe to drop, like he would rip off his harmless-guy mask and be a monster or a psycho with a power drill - somewhere along the line, I'd subconsciously created this negatron idea that agents are laying in wait in their offices, in a puddle of slime or an oil slick, waiting to show off their ability to breathe fire. In my face. ("Owwww!"). The guy I met this morning was...young! Cute! Wearing a t shirt! Someone I would actually want to have a conversation with at a party. I only realized I'd been bracing myself for the worst when I walked out and thought, "Huh. He was nice."

Then I volunteered to drive Amanda around to her auditions because she just got back from Boston yesterday and today she was scheduled for FOUR auditions. She had to cancel one because that's too many (if only we all had that problem). I know how stressful it is to drive around when your mind is trying to focus on the next task at hand so I was only too happy to meet her at her first audition with her next audition outfit and a lunch I packed. I would make an amazing personal assistant.

Then, Jose and I were loitering in a coffee shop when he got a call from a big time lady who called to say that yes, she will read his spec scripts over the weekend and why doesn't he come in for a meeting on Monday morning? Yesss!

Today I'm liking LA and while I feel like there are lots of ups and downs, that's better than a whole lot of boring.

Update on what I did all week: We've been eating lots of fancy, delicious food at restaurants with really dim lighting. Our friend Tim is in town (so funny) and he brings his lovely friends Shaun and Shelby (two actors - in love!) and I bring Jose, Jasmin and my new Canadian friend Mike. We went to the Bar Marmont and the Dakota at the Roosevelt (I know - are all the good restaurants in hotels?) and tonight I am going to The Farm at the Grove (not with my buddies, with new peeps). Someone warned me that Counting Crows are playing the Grove today but it's over already (whew). I could not deal with Adam Duritz tonight.

Yesterday I found a desk on Craigslist and enlisted Jose to come with me and help (best helper ever). Please note how far the thing sticks out the back and that when Jose went to the hardware store for rope, the lady gave us something that is merely a decorative approximation of rope. Like say, if you wanted to wrap a gift but make it "rustic." We got honked at the whole way home.

"Beep!" Yes, I know I have a table in my trunk.

"Beep!" Yes, it's bouncing around a little.

"Beep!" I'm going 20 mph so that I don't kill you if it falls out - what more could you want? I am driving like this for your own wellbeing!



Blogger Wendeh said...

Spec scripts! Meetings! Jose is now my inspiration.

8:28 AM  
Blogger yupyup said...

are you ever coming back? buying desks seems so...permanent. sigh.

10:13 PM  

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