Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Margaret Cho Disaster

So I just interviewed Margaret Cho. You all know how much I frickin love Margaret Cho. So of course she was great, talking about racist America and somehow making it funny (true gift), telling me about her new VH1 show and how her parents will be in it. We got into politics too.

It was nice.

Until I hit playback.

I'd forgotten my phone-to-recorder manuals at home so I gave myself lots of time this morning to play with all the cords and accoutrements (if there are actual computers that fit into manila envelopes why does this phone-recording stuff have to be so complex?).

I don't have any friends here to call and record so I phoned Isaac to leave him a voice message on our phone at home. Then I played it back and listened to my own dorky message. Et voila. I checked my audio rigging...but only on one end of the conversation. Mine.


I just about had a heart attack after the phone interview with Margaret was done, when I played it back to myself and heard my own questions followed by long spells of silence like they were lost balloons floating into the sky. Useless!

I didn't know what to do so I phoned her management back and admitted what had happened. The lady on the other end emitted a laugh (good sign? or cruel ending?). I am going to try and get some more time with Margaret tomorrow through her publicist, a different gatekeeper, the person I originally arranged with.

I am so upset that I did something so dumb. I am also upset that I am upset and that I am actually crying about this because I know it's not a big deal like death or a car accident or breaking your neck (things that cross my mind when I'm stressed) but I have to leave the house now to do another interview and I feel so frazzled and lame. I have also been inside all day prepping for the interview, construction going on outside on the street all day long, driving me crazy. Plus all the clocks in the house show a different time which makes me feel that I'm not going crazy - I actually AM crazy. I don't know what time it is!


Anonymous Jasmint said...

that effing sucks.
don't be upset that you're upset though.
it's a legit response.
i would curse a rainbow streak if that happened to me...oh, wait, it has happened to me.
i'm impressed you called back.
it's the right thing to do, but takes guts.

9:08 PM  

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