Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Review

After a jam-packed day on Friday (Getty, Upright Citizens Brigade, Katsuya, Museum of Jurassic Technology) we practically didn't do anything on Saturday. I like both paces, full-on.

Saturday night we met with my old friend James (Isaac: "He looks JUST like James Spader!") and his friend Sara from Toronto (all my friends here only hang out with other Canadians). They took us to a restaurant in Thai town. I've never been to a Thai town. There were so many Thai resto's. Fantastic!

Above is the view from Griffith Park Observatory. It's a very cool visit, in a Science Center kind of way, i.e. I read a placard about how every element in the cells in our bodies used to be part of a star. Is that what Moby meant?

p.s. Katsuya was the best sushi that I have ever had (no exaggeration) and the Museum of Jurassic Technology wasn't a total waste of time (me: "While I hated every moment that I was in there...") but the way you feel after you leave is really what makes it worthwhile (if you can call it that).


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