Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Perfect Day

Our Fun Week continues. This morning we ran some errands and found a strange little Indian buffet and grocery. We stopped there for lunch and ate our delicious food sitting on rickety chairs by what essentially amounts to a highway. There's very little that can put a dent in SUNSHINE. Even honking and traffic.

We spent the afternoon at LACMA. The new Broad center has an amazing collection of all the big names - Jeff Koons (Bubbles and MJ!), Cindy Sherman (incredible), Damien Hirst (ew). I was mesmerized by this gigantic doggie balloon made out of stainless steel and all I could think was that Koons probably had never even put his own hands on it. I don't want to be naive about the business of conceptual art but what's amazing is the lifelike rendering of the actual installation, not just the concept! Argh. All these nameless underlings who spend years manufacturing these amazing things that one person takes all the credit for. Hm.

Then we drove to Los Feliz to meet Isaac's 93-year-old relative Yami (cutest nickname ever), real name Sol. He had a day named after him last year here in LA. He walks a lot (he's done the California coast from Tijuana to San Fran) and for my benefit, he did the math on the stairs in his own home. He says he's climbed higher than Mt. Everest if you count how many steps he's taken in the 55 years that he's lived there. He is too cute.

He has a gigantic avocado tree that must have 600 avocadoes dangling from the branches. His daughter Janet took a long fruit-picking instrument and brought down a bunch for us to take home. Plus we ate kumquats from his yard.

We picked up camping gear from my new friend Elizabeth (for a trip to Joshua Tree monument this weekend) and then stuffed ourselves at Mexico City. Now Isaac is losing his mind, reading an article from The Onion. He has attempted to read some out loud but he's laughing too hard for me to understand. Something about Marmaduke. I have a feeling that the local availability of print copies of The Onion will be my comeuppance for having a Blackberry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isaac and yourself hav to go to a mexican restoraunt (why can;t I spell that word) on Sunset. it's called paquito mas and it is mad delicious. That's right - mad delicious! It's at Sunset and La Cienega. Enjoy. Andy.

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