Thursday, March 13, 2008

LAX Arrival

This morning I picked up Isaac at the airport. Rejoice! We are going to have lots of fun, plus, he helps me be calm as I practice my driving on the mean streets of LA.

We started by hitting the In'N'Out burger right by the airport. He said he wanted to do it because it's in The Big Lebowski (I don't remember that because I don't remember anything, ever). He then told me that lots of celebrities enjoy frequenting the In'N'Out burger. I get a kick out of when Isaac says things like that. Doesn't he know who he's dating? I could tell him what Britney had for lunch today. (Not proud of it, it's just true).

Then we went downtown. I told him to be my GPS and direct us through Koreatown so I could catch a glimpse. I loved reading all the Korean signage, deciphering what they mean ("Ja Jee Ba" is obviously a jazz bar). We cruised by a fancy salon. I can't wait to go back and test just HOW Korean they are by handing over my hair to someone who will give me a Korean perm. Koreans do it best.

Our destination downtown was Clifton's, a cafeteria that is like a geriatric Disneyland. The decor is incredible, a campy indoor forest complete with waterfall and mechanical racoon, slowly descending into a garbage can and rising back up with his catch, a fish made of paper. This place was state of the art in its heyday but a relic now, as are all the patrons. Everyone there either was either wearing headphones or pulling a bag on wheels. In the cafeteria line-up, Isaac said quietly, "That's you when you're 90" and I turned around to the coolest looking senior citizen ever. She looked like MK Olsen except ancient.

Sometimes I feel anxious, driving around LA having fun when I should be working and sticking to the list but I'm so glad Isaac is here. We have our own list of things to do (although his includes things further along the nerdmeter like the Jurassic Technology Museum - what does that even mean?) and I'm happy to have someone with whom I can discover LA beyond the Sunset strip.


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i can't wait

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