Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shoes and Booze

Shoes. Tonight the word is shoes.

After picking up Jasmin at the airport, we went home, changed into Tiny Shiny in 5 minutes, then sped downtown to the Orpheum for Margaret Cho. The opener was Liam Sullivan. I love him. Shoes is even funnier live, for some reason.

Then we went to the downtown Standard, simply because it's the only place I've ever heard of in downtown L.A. The velvet rope gatekeepers were in full-force. We chatted one up and he told us to come back in half an hour. The holding pen is the lobby. Realizing this, I felt bad on our way out because by the time we left, the place was packed with those who were just partying away in the lobby. They will never get upstairs. Anyway, we must have missed our tiny window bequeathed to us from on-high because when we went back to the gatekeeper it was at capacity and we were faced with the indignity of waiting another hour (the horror). We decided to split, and in our push and shove through the throng, Jas said, "Nice kicks," to someone we squeezed by.

And that's how we got into the party. I call Jasmin (a Pretty Girl) my human wristband.

Instead of going to the rooftop, Nice Kicks took us into a party on the second level, a Dim Mak Bloody Beetroots show. So basically, I wore Tiny Shiny to a party that was way off the hoodie hipster scale - we were surrounded by kaffiyehs and Blublockers.

Speaking of Jazzers, can I take a poll for a sec? At the party, a couple of guys who were standing a few paces away surreptitiously took a photo of us before ambling away. I told Jasmin I think it's rude. She said that we live in an era where we don't own our own images.

I don't disagree with what she's saying and I'm not trying to fight it, but I'm just talking about manners. I mean, we were at a party with SEVERAL MisShapes-like stations with professional photography lighting set-ups plus everyone had their own tiny digital cams. There definitely wasn't a shortage of people being cute for cameras. Why did they need to take a photo of two girls just sitting there taking a time out?

I'm not against party snaps, I just think it's rude to take a photo of someone without asking first. Like, would you let a door slam in someone's face or would you hold it open for them? Manners! Jasmin says that I am in the minority. I believe she quoted her scientific figure of 1 in 20 as in, I hold an opinion that only 1 in 20 would subscribe to. Really? Really it's not weird to take a photo of someone and then amble away like it ain't no thang?


Blogger Sophie said...

i want people to take my picture all the time. but i think i'm an exhibitionist.

9:20 PM  
Blogger eb said...

agreed. its rude. homie.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very rude.
Jude, the prude dude

11:59 AM  

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