Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Review

Friday night we went to a 1992 party and everyone was already dancing when we walked in. That's how you know peeps are fun. Oh, and they went all-out - one-sided overalls, hypercolour, stirrups, teased bangs, et cetera. C+C Music Factory, Kris Kross, Dee Lite. I think I danced for 4 hours straight. Jasmin and I went with our new friend Mike. We made some new friends, too.

Saturday night was another party, this time at a bar in Eagle Rock. It was Sunny's birthday. Sunny is my perm location expert. EB and I had dindin first at a cute place on her corner in Los Feliz and then James drove out to meet us there.

Today, Sunday, I am meeting someone for lunch in Bev Hills and then going to a taping of a show on Sunset. Will tonight be another night of hijinx? We shall see.


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