Friday, March 28, 2008

Salad For Breakfast

The only positive thing to being alone is that I can eat weird. Like, I will eat things by myself that I would never serve a friend (you can thank me later). My fave thing to make for a super-fast lunch is shirataki with parmesan, lemon, arugula and sardines. What? It's healthy and easy to make.

So this morning I had miso soup for breakfast which is something I do at home sometimes, too (are you going to tell millions of Asians that's weird? No, not weird). And the morning before I had salad (in the car, from a take-out plastic container from the night before).

Anyway, Isaac wouldn't mind if I ate weird breakfasts, plus he LIKES my shirataki thing so there's no real upside to eating alone. It's just me trying to be un-lonely.

Tonight Jasmin and I will go out with some new friends and tomorrow, too. So I guess there are plenty of people around. But they're all so new. I like them all lots. But they aren't my home-friends. That sounded like home-fries. That's what y'all are now - home-fries. xo.


Blogger Sophie said...

that's what i like to hear! home friends are better!

1:00 AM  
Anonymous pedro said...

honey, I'm all over "strange" breakfasts. every morning I have: miso soup, smoked fish (or bbq eel), rice and pickled vegetables. millions of Japanese can't be wrong!

11:37 AM  

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