Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Practically Like Being in India

I found a yoga DVD among my stuff at home and decided to bring it with me to LA so that I could get some sort of physical activity going while I'm here. Of course I haven't touched the thing. Instead, I sweat it out at boot camp in the mornings (and guess what? Even though it makes me wanna barf, I love it!).

Anyway, Jose mentioned that he was feeling kind of stiff and I know he likes yoga so I told him I had this DVD (untested, can't vouch for it). Now I am sitting here, post-workout, eating some microwave biryani and he is sitting on the living room floor doing my yoga DVD. I type to the sound of a hypnotic female voice ("Inhale...Exhale....") and tinkling new-age music.

I love being roomies.


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