Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday at Coachella

Coachella is just as I remembered it - the most civilized festival there is. People aren't convulsing drunk and passed out on the grass like at T in the Park and it's nice that it's on this perfectly manicured grass (pretty crazy since we're in the desert).

I love Santogold so much. And I love her hot, military-dancehall dancers (who were wearing the most perfect outfits ever). I also really liked Cut Copy - how had I not ever listened to them before? Cuties. We danced a little to Diplo and then later, since we were still around, I persuaded Mike to stay for Spank Rock. I was hoping Amanda Blank would be with him. In fact, it turned out Amanda had the unenviable task of telling peeps that Spank Rock was sick and that she was there to fill in. I couldn't believe all the guys (all guys) who started streaming out of the tent. I was so psyched that Amanda would have all that stage time! And yes, she was amazing.

This morning: water, coffee, Advil. And now we go again!


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