Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monchichi on Fire (Needs Tickets)

Ok, everyone - here's the latest.

Today I tried to find Coachella tickets because I got a last-minute assignment to cover it. I've recruited my friend Mike to come with.

I'm such a brat - I kind of always wanted to go to Coachella but only if someone paid me to do it. But um, isn't that the point of being an arts writer...? So there. But it is really close to the wire and everyone is crazy-jacking the price of Saturday tickets because it's the only day worth going (M.I.A., Prince, MGMT, Portishead!). Do I live in a weird fairy world simply because I think scalping is wrong? Hey Guy Who Talks In Reverse ("You got tickets?") - you aren't getting on stage! So what makes you deserve ALL MY MONEY?

Speaking of money, I am sending crazy emails to all these Craigslist people like, "I CAN BE THERE WITH $300 ASAP!" totally forgetting that, the other day, I lost my bank card. I only remembered this hours into the process. I kind of lost it with a poor girl on the phone just now. She had the misfortune of picking up the CIBC hotline and being dumb. Still, that doesn't mean you deserve a shriek of "WHAT?!" when you say that it takes 5 business days before a new convenience card goes out in the mail. It's just what happened. I couldn't help it. But I know - she didn't make the rules. A person who doesn't care about me being in a different country with no bank card made the rules.

While I spent the better part of my afternoon calling around to scalper weirdos in Hollywood that I found on Craigslist, I waited for the job-lady to phone me back. The interview yesterday...didn't go so well. Not that she wasn't totally friendly. It was just a weird interview because she didn't ask me anything. It wasn't really an interview at all. I got the feeling it might be like that from our phone conversation earlier. She was very warm until I mentioned that I was Canadian. I rushed to add that with a job offer I could be legal in 3 - 15 days. There was a pause and then she said, "Oh. Ok. Well....would you like to meet anyway?" Oh geez.

Hmm, what else. Ooh, my awesome friend Nikki took me to Bikram yoga tonight and I thought I might die or at least have some sort of accident like the explosion of my face. It was hot. Afterwards I felt high, except less fun. As I sat in the car after, making a quick phone call (more Craigslist people) my car actually steamed up from my own body heat. I was totally impressed with myself but also alarmed. So I went to Pinkberry. That was dinner. I ordered kiwi and mochi (which is kind of secret, you just have to know to ask). As I stood there, I read the nutritional information. Do you know that a gigantic cup of Pinkberry only has 140 calories and no fat? WHAT IS THIS STUFF? Manna from the glorious heavens? No but seriously, I'm scared - what's in it?

In other boring news, I had a brief tingly moment in my face this morning which always makes me panic from the time all my face skin came off multiple times from this horrifically insane unidentified allergic reaction I had almost 10 years ago. I told Elizabeth that the next time she sees me I may look like Freddy Krueger to which she responded by coining the term Kruegerchichi. Then she killed me with rapid-fire emails for 30 minutes where every word ended in the suffix "-chichi." This is why she rules. She is a VP at a gigantic behemoth company but she's so fun that she can jam random words and ideas together to come up with the most grotesque but cute thing ever (which equals funny).

I also have a pimple on my eyelid. I know! Weird, isn't it?

Kruegerchichi, mochi, mochi, mochi.



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how many carbs are in pinkberry?

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