Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Vision

I was walking along St. Marks Place when I saw these. Hello! I am on a strict budget whilst here but because I didn't know that rhinestone Obama glasses existed before, they were not technically on the verboten list. Anyway, besides a laugh for Isaac when I got home ("Close your eyes!") I think they will come in handy for Halloween (not to mention Nov 4). I am open to any and all of your brilliant costume ideas.

What I really should do is buy a crate and send them to these cuties so they can dress up for their next performance. I previously didn't think it was possible to make T.I. even cuter, but apparently it is. Thanks for the link, Manny!

For lunch today, Isaac and I put together sandwiches and ate them on the roof, where we have an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline by the water. Everything so far is quite fun. Even bagels for lunch.


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