Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hannie Prepares For Take Off

The rest of Coachella weekend was very fun, if a bit hungover. There are all these pool parties that happen in Palm Springs, and supposedly they are very fancy but I didn't make it to a single one. They happen BEFORE you go over to the festival. So, I guess you have to be up early and be with-it to do the pre-party. It wasn't exactly happening for us. Coachella weekend is crazy because the only way to hit everything is to clone yourself and be really greedy about fun, like, by multiplying yourself many times over. Since I only have one physical body, one that consumed too many refreshments on Friday, I shuffled around a lot on Saturday and whispered complaints about how hot it would be, only to arrive TOO LATE to see MGMT. My own fault! Le sigh. It's ok, we still saw Yelle (geniale!), M.I.A. (such terrible tech difficulties, we actually had to walk away), some Hot Chip, Tegan and Sara.

Oh, and Prince! It was a pretty spectacular display. Even though we were far from the stage you could see everything perfectly on the massive screens and really, the guy has not changed in 20 years. It was very exciting when he first strutted out onto the stage in his cute, white, sequinned get-up.


Long pause.

"I am here."




"Where are you?"

He said it all like he was a bit bored with how many people he could fit into the palm of his hand. It was the best call-to-arms I've ever heard from a performer. Of course this huge roar came from the crowd, floating up into the night sky along with impressive lights and big plumes of smoke.

Sunday, Mike and I visited Jacqui and her bf Dave, as she was in Laguna Beach for the weekend. It was lovely and she took me on a walk about. Amazing neighbourhood, very beautiful, but I think I'd go crazy out there. It's kinda quiet.

Now I'm in my last week here and I had big plans for all the things I'd do but I'm strangely and uncharacteristically inert. I've procrastinated ALL DAY and the sink is filled with dishes and my bags are all kind of half-packed and unpacked.

I'm actually looking forward to going home which is an about-face from how I felt last week. I miss Isaac very much and I want to know the latest on all my friends. Jacqui was calling me Hannie all day yesterday and it struck me how only my closest friends call me Hannie which is why I've never been called that in LA. Also, I miss walking - I am so sick of being in a car. Still, I get bummed out when I think about how bored I am of Toronto. But those are just idle complaints that aren't useful. I should keep them to myself.

On the upside, it's almost summer and I am excited for a new job possibility. Please come and visit me and/or take me out when I get home. I don't want to land with a thud.



Blogger mad said...

don't worry - i saw MGMT with high high hopes a few months ago and they were dull as dishwater.

yeasayer, who opened, blew them out of said dishwater.

7:42 PM  

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