Thursday, May 01, 2008

Last Night In LA

Tonight all my LA friends came out for drinks. I know them all in different ways but they all have one thing in common - they are sooo nice. Skander, who first gave me my apartment keys when I arrived, Kordo who trains me in Runyon Canyon at ungodly hours, Mike, my shows/bars partner-in-crime, Annahita and Sunny, hands-down the cutest, James, with whom I go back all the way to Trinity, Elizabeth who is just the most shit-together lady on earth, Amanda, with whom I got my second Pinkberry of the day and Rebecca and Will, comedians in love.

I'm going to miss them, obviously. Here's a list of things I will also think fondly of and perhaps miss, because you only get these in LA:

- chopped salad, and its bizarro partner, gigantic heads of uncut lettuce covered in dressing and one, giant piece of bread that doubles as a crouton (LA has funny/strange/delicious salads)
- people paid to jiggle signs on street corners - it's fascinating
- people who are so accustomed to driving everywhere that they have literally forgotten how to walk (it drives me crazy as they amble across the street while I wait to turn but it's also strangely endearing, like they're helpless baby animals)
- the weather
- Koreatown
- feeling excited as opposed to being bored
- the smell of the trees
- Pinkberry and tacos (not together, I'm just saying)
- running lines with Amanda and daily stories like the one today about the Hollywood wild child who is up for a part against Amanda - this girl just sat in the audition waiting room mewing at a cat

What I'm looking forward to in Toronto:
- that I'm coming home to Isaac and 3 parties in 3 days - I can't wait to see everyone
- Mom picking me up at the airport
- riding my bike
- walking the streets in my hood
- not living out of my suitcase

Bye LA. It's been nice knowing you.


Blogger eb said...

bye homie-chichi! byeeee!

see you in toronto in 2 wks-chichi!

3:44 AM  

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