Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who Has Time to Blog in NY?

Who has time to blog when there's so much food to eat, so many parties to check out, so many blocks to cover and cabs to hop in and out of (if you see a minivan cab in the St Marks Place area and it's followed by a white truck, that is CASH CAB - flag it!).

Last night, Isaac and I stayed out until almost 6. That would be 6 am. Weirdly, I wasn't tired. I was totally wired on energy. We started by checking out Madeleine's amazing apartment in the East Village, then headed to Beast. I did a lot of talking to strangers and confirmed that more often than not, amazingly, you find you always have a person in common. Even though NY is huge, if you still operate in the same social circles, even in a gigantic city like this, it all starts converging like a gin-soaked Venn diagram.

On Wednesday night, my new friend Laura (amazing) brought a ton of us into a fashion party. Laura just breezed us all in by the phalanx of PR ladies who control the guest list. She's great like that. You would think I wouldn't know anyone there but guess again! Dear Lexi, my friend from Paris, was there because she assists Marc Bouwer, who was getting an award that night. I chatted with his patternmaker who told me about making Oprah's dress for the Emmys. Um...FUN?!

Friday night, Isaac and I met up with Jessica, someone I met a few times in Toronto. We have a friend in common but didn't know each other well but I looked her up when I got here and it's just like Madeleine says - this is the city of fast friendships. Jessica has a dry, hilarious humour and looks like Tina Fey. She worked until way late that night and needed a double when we met at the bar. She came back to the table with a tumbler full of whiskey. No mixer. That apparently, is a "double." She kept pouring whiskey into my soda, which I called "stealth whiskey" the next morning when I hurt. I didn't even realize how tipsy I was until we got up to make our way home, which became an exercise in being a spectacle on the street. Isaac had to guide me like a geriatric individual who couldn't see - not blind, just refusing to open her eyes. He called me "Trudge-y" but only the next day when he was in a better mood because guiding me home in that state isn't fun. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

On Saturday afternoon, we met with Isaac's childhood friend Erianna and her beautiful baby Ariel and husband Manny. They've been teaching Ariel sign language, like babies do these days, and he has made up his own signs for two things he loves: "Obama" (arms thrust back, legs bent) and "vacuum." Ariel, bizarrely and adorably, loves to clean. Imagine a blond cherub with dimensions like two stacked marshmallows in a diaper, studiously cleaning the floor (what he can reach best) and the bookshelves (on his tippy toes). It's really the funniest thing. He was the star of the show all afternoon.

Which brings us to last night. Drinks at a nice bar. Then....karaoke! Doesn't that just completely make sense at 3 in the morning? A partial song list would include, "Drop it Like It's Hot," "Sweet Child O Mine," "Don't Stop Believing," and "All Night Long." Fiesta! Forever!

Right now, Isaac is going through VIDEO he took of karaoke. I am of the firm belief that video at karaoke should be disallowed. In fact, I'm banning it from all future karaoke sessions. He is playing, "Crazy In Love" right now and I am beseeching him to "PLEEEEEASE!" delete. He just chuckles and says, "Oh don't be so dramatic." PLEEEEASE DELEEEETE NOOOOWWW!


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