Friday, December 11, 2009

Noraebang at the Dollhouse

Friday night we went out with our new friends Kevin and Irene. They're from Toronto but Irene lives here and DJs at this amazing bar that is built like the inside of a fairy tale mushroom (except that it's all made of concrete so don't wipe out, a genuine concern while creeping up and down the narrow, winding stairs).

You take off your shoes before you go in and put them in a bag that you carry around with you. They have hookah pipes there for 10 000 W, too ($10). The place was designed by the owner, whom we met. He must be Seoul's only goth (and he is committed to it!) from his laced tails to his fur stole and top hat.

After a drink at the bar, we went to Luxury noraebang ("karaoke"), which is what it's called (it lives up to the name). It has three levels (plus a lower level, invisible to the street) - the wall facing the street is all glass, which makes it look like a dollhouse. All the adorable decor doesn't hurt, either.

When we were shown to our room, we had a collective OMG fit. The room is so cute, with a depressed seating area covered in frilly cushions, giant screen plus one on each side of the room, and a mirrored wall for checking yourselves out while dancing to Rhythm Nation (which pleased this crowd of four). You know what else is a crowd-pleaser? Kevin doing Mariah. He was also quite good at that Antichrist song by Marilyn Manson which kept Isaac and I giggling all the way home. We just had one thing to do before we left Luxury, shutting the place down - we all took turns lyring down on the see-through floor for a photo shoot - irresistible, right?
Noraebang - too much fun!


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