Friday, December 04, 2009

Subway Diversions

Every day we ride the subway. I love the subway in Seoul (except when it's rush hour although there was that time, squeezed in like crazy, that Isaac was making me burst out laughing by giving me a quiet play-by-play on how "a businessman's bum" was "touching" his bum and that he was very uncomfortable about it). (He later demonstrated for me when we got home, saying, "See? That doesn't feel good, does it?").

Because we don't have smartphones and watch TV shows and movies on them like everyone else on the subway, we zone out by watching the monitors above the subway doors. Question: Do you find this ad as disturbing as we do? We both had the same initial reaction to it, which goes something like this: Euh? Unnhhhhewww.

Tell me, though, that this isn't the coolest thing ever. Who needs an iPhone?


Blogger Sophie said...

does her necklace become a steak?!!! ah haaaaah ha ha!!

1:47 PM  

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