Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perfecting Procrastination

What I have done in the past 48 hours, working backwards starting at one minute ago:
1. Finished a cup of vanilla ice cream.
2. Strolled to post office to mail a bunch of wedding thank you's.
3. Read slow-news-day stories on the interweb, clicking on neverending array of links on Twitter.

See a pattern? Yes. I am procrastinating, emphasis on the "pro" because I am that good at it.

Continuing backwards....
4. Fell asleep watching True Blood.
5. Called Isaac and asked him to meet me in the park for nighttime linger because I couldn't come home to face my office. He brought bevvies! Then we talked about our phone woes and got into a tiff and biked home (boo).
6. Pottery class. Aimless maneuvering of balls of clay as I sat there with no agenda for 3 hours. Pretty nice, actually, to have no agenda except that the stuff I made is pretty darn ugly.
7. God help me, more Twitter.
8. Inner-voice complaining to myself about an assignment that's just becoming a big pile of brain-garbage. Mounting interviews, no story.

What can I do next?


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