Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Know The Food Is Good If Padma's There

Last night Catherine arrived and we went to La Esquina. Padma Lakshmi was in front of us in line, which made me quietly freak out a little ("Padma Lakshmi!!"). I shouldn't say there was a "line," because it's really just that she and her peeps stood there for a moment, and then were ushered in by the guy with the headset and the bouncer. They ignored us. I asked, meekly, "Excuse me, is there a long wait?" It took a few times before he would answer, never looking at me, but finally said just two words: "2 hours."

So we went next door to La Esquina Cafe. Two-tier system, one for fancies, one for plebes. But guess what? Food's just as good so there, suckers. Please pack up your knives and go.

Then, Madeleine and Catherine and I went to Botanica, a bar, where I ran into a friend from high school and a writer whose stuff I read in the Globe and Mail. See what I mean about NY being so small and so huge at the same time? They invited us to a loft party which is where we ended the night, dancing. It was only a few blocks from our own place, which was great. Now it's time to get back out there. Bye!


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