Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bye N.Y.

As soon as my feet touch down in Toronto, it's the same as it ever was. But after a busy week, I've taken a sec to look through a month's worth of photos taken in NY. It was nice to see the seasons change, all the funny moments and there's one overarching thought - wow, I drank a lot.

At first I wanted to post all those photos but now I just want to post one, above. It's kind of a private joke with myself but nobody reads someone else's blog to be left out so basically here goes: This is what lit our studio. In case you can't tell, it's a fairly random grouping of bare light bulbs (that's a long fluorescent one in the background). You turn the lot of them on by tugging on a chain that must be 10 feet long. I like light and all, helps me see, but at first, this seemingly haphazard system made me feel like the whole bunch of bulbs might explode without warning and shower me in tiny shards of glass that would all fall directly into both my eyes. Then the place would erupt in flames. But I got over it. It's just like, meh, click! Light.

I loved staying at Charlie's and his bare light bulbs would always just make me laugh. You know you love a city when you can live in fear of being blinded by lightbulbs but still want to stay.

Bye and xo NY.


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i wanna see the pics!!

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