Monday, July 13, 2009

Home - Sweet Or Sour?

Until now, this blog has always been written on-the-go. Travel is when I feel alive.

However, I made a choice to stay home and I've been here for what feels like forever (in truth, since my last post in NY - 8months).

This is what home is right now: Garbage strike. Brain-stopping intermittent crackle on the phone service which makes it impossible to work (i.e. phone interviews) and resulting in daily, hour-long Muzak waits on hold with Primus (this has been going on since February). Internet banking fraud two weeks ago, losing $21 000+, and gaining constant interaction with CIBC and their circular, evasive non-answers and the bank branch guy who, unfortunately, I can't understand due to his thick accent. DIY time crunch pre-wedding stress, which was the most stress I've ever experienced in my life (even 6 weeks later, had a fight this morning over, of all things, thank you cards). Constant jack-hammering ALL DAY LONG about 5 m from my desk where I sit (a non-stop crew is turning the old crackhouse across the street into a $2000/mo rental unit). A part-time contract job and freelance assignments that feel like going around in a scavenger hunt picking up $200 here and there while any semblance of having an actual career (i.e. stable, with a future and benefits) in journalism just rots in a temporary dump in what used to be a park that kids played in.

Can there be any wonder why travel is 100% better than being at home?

Maybe I'm just cranky because I'm hungry for lunch and I've spent all morning, as usual, on the phone with customer service reps (I don't care how nice you are, I really don't want to speak with any of you).

Do I have a problem? Does Ken Seeley need to come to my house and take away my passport? While my family gathers around and reads me utility bills, trying to convince me that life at home is better?


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