Friday, January 01, 2010

Northern Thailand Says Hello

You think you know how to ride a bike until you try and ride 150 km. Then, you realize, that you're an elephant with a paintbrush, picturing Michelangelo. Clumsy analogy but guess what? We saw elephants with paintbrushes!*

We are in northern Thailand right now and will continue on our last day of cycling tomorrow towards the Myanmar border. It's gorgeous and warm during the day and very chilly at night. We rode around mountainous terrain in the searing afternoon heat and when we'd do a hairpin turn, frigid mountain air would blast us after the turn. Can you imagine anything so amazing? The first time I felt it, I was shocked.

Today we also went to Fang Hot Springs (love the town name, "Fang") where the water is so hot, Thais just boil their eggs in it. Well, they soak in it too, as evidenced by the fact that we couldn't get a private bath because the line was too long. That's ok! We just soaked our feet in the outside pool with some old guys and a little kid running around in his underwear. A hot water soak is good on the feet after a long day. Well, anything besides your own sweaty socks is good on the feet after a long day.

We've done so much I can't believe I'm writing about sweaty socks but I feel slightly rushed as our time is up on the computer. Gotta run! Sa wat dee bee mai kah! Happy New Year!

*I promise photos at a later date. Pinky swear.


Blogger Andrea said...

Liar! There are no photos :(

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