Saturday, December 19, 2009

Party Time Countdown to Shanghai

Everything we do here is fun and exciting, even the boring stuff. Unfortch, I don't have any time to write about it! Especially right this second as it is 4:30 in the morning and I reek of smoke (people smoke indoors here, including in tiny karaoke rooms where Kevin does amazing renditions - again! - of Mariah Carey). I really hate it when my winter coat and hair smell like smoke. I think the people next to me on my FLIGHT IN THE MORNING will hate it more.

Today we went with Eemo and Eemoboo to Nam Han San Seong (which she herself called Ajummah Mountain, which gave me lots of laughs). Also, to a delicious lunch resto. Also, she helped me by calling the hotel I want to stay at in Jeju and booking for me. Also, that is about it for me right this second. Isaac is drinking water upside down trying to get rid of his hiccups which are exactly like the kind of hiccups cartoons get when they are drunk. He is now leaning back and drinking, now looking at me and laughing. This night has gone on way too long. We will regret it in the morning.

Oh and btw, the reason why we were out? Our new friend Irene's 30th birthday party. Vietnamese food, 90s hip hop, international crowd, lots of fun, house party, then to a cool club in Apgujung named Platoon made of recycled shipping containers, then to insane club where a duo that looks like Extreme after 20 years of meth playing their weird throbbing headbanger techno (with an Israeli flag draped in front), then to a noraebang, ending with renditions of Mariah's Touch My Body (lots of awesome syncopation, did R Kelly do that one? Jermaine Dupri?) -- also I realized that We Built This City really split the crowd into 30+ and the twentysomethings.

Good night! Tomorrow - Shanghai!


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