Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's A Celebration For One! Plus, Apartment Photos!

Here I am in the apartment where the three bare lightbulbs in the ceiling have mostly gone out. Two are dead and if the last one goes while I type tonight, I will be slightly scared to be home alone, mostly creeped out by the last thing Dad said to me on the phone yesterday before he took off from TO for Korea. We had a nice chat over Skype and then in parting, he said, "Be careful! Don't catch a cold and don't go out at night." Uh, ok, Dad. It goes without saying that I will wash my hands and try to avoid a cold but the truth is that I might want to go out at night some of the time, it being New York, and nighttime being an inevitable event that occurs each and every single day. What do you say to, "Don't go out at night?" In my case, you say, "Ok." Fingers crossed behind back. Did I mention I am an able-bodied 32-year-old human and not a defenseless sea cucumber? (Sea cucumbers are so defenseless).

At first it was funny but Dad's implied fear became catchy as a cold. Of all the things that could happen in a big city at night, well, mostly nothing bad happens but sometimes Law and Order plots happen. We all know they are ripped from the headlines and I totally shouldn't watch that SVU. Anyway, I know nothing headline-worthy could happen when I'm inside my apartment. Although when five-alarm fires happen, inside is where you don't want to be. Moving along to the real point of this post....

I want to celebrate but I am home alone! Isaac has gone to an animation event, leaving me to tend to my deadlines in peace. But I just got some good news via email! And it makes me want to party!

I! Am! So! Excited! Because!

I got in to a writing program at City University of New York! I can't believe it. It will be taught by top fiction editors in the city, and when we're talking about "the city," we know it really means top fiction editors in the English-speaking universe. It's a workshop for 15 students and how on earth I got in is beyond me. Honestly. Is there some sort of bizarre karmic thing happening? We've had such a run of amazing luck.

Luck, luck, luck! First of all, we're here in NY. Secondly, it's a cheapie apartment. Thirdly, I found the best bike ever yesterday (little thrills are what make life so great), and again, for very cheap. Mostly, I am lucky because I was accepted into the program of my dreams. Well, wait. I could go back further and say I'm also lucky because I have Isaac and then go back further and say that I'm lucky to have a cool family and also I'm lucky that I suffered only enough childhood trauma that I became marginally interesting, personality-wise, and not a complete weirdo. Ahh! I am lucky! Insert a joyous yelping in here!

I even think I'm lucky with what I used to think was the worst. I applied about 5000 times to get in to Columbia's journalism program a few years ago but didn't get in. When I found out I was first on the waitlist one of those 5000 times, I was heartbroken and I don't think I ever really got over it. Until now! Who needs an M.A. that would cost oh, $100 000 (is that way off the mark?) In this writers' program I'll be taking, there isn't a degree conferred (in fact, they call it the "un-MFA") but I think what I get out of it is better. Workshopping everything is totally my steez. I am so excited I want to celebrate but I am home alone and have two deadlines so instead of cracking a beer and calling a friend, I ate 5 cookies and took a few moments away from work to blog instead. This is the saddest celebration ever.

But also the best! I'm so happy I could cry. It's my party and I'll cry and eat cookies and work on my deadlines if I want to!

And for those of you who are interested in seeing what our precious little shoebox of NY real estate looks like, here is a photo of Isaac Skyping with his mom this aft, and below that, "my office." Maybe one day I'll let you see our unconventional bathroom situation. Let's just say that I joined a gym and I will be showering there pretty much every day. I, obviously, heart New York!


Anonymous katie said...

WOOO HOOO!!!!! Congrats, Hannah! You deserve it.


7:58 AM  
Anonymous j said...

Hooray Hannah! Big high fives!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Jenny Yang said...

Hannah! I was wondering about how you and Isaac were doing in NYC and suddenly remembered your blog. It is such a delight to read! I'm so glad to see your posts littered with so many exclamation marks and "hurrahs" - it means you're having a wonderful time. And congrats on getting into that writing program... of course you were going to get in! :)

10:45 PM  

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