Friday, July 16, 2010

Our New Roommate

We've decided to take on a new roommate. His name is, "Ahhhh! MOUSE!"

He's pretty cool. Keeps to himself except when our paths cross late at night. Don't know much about him but he has cool style, I guess. Grey. Into ghetto-fabulous fur. I just hope he doesn't start bringing girlfriends home. I mean, have some respect, you know?

Not sure how this co-habitation is going to work out but Isaac and I are pretty cool. We won't try to Andy Samberg him or anything. Next time we have a party (based on square-footage-of-personal-space-per-person, that should be the next time we invite 0.5 of you over), we'll introduce you if he's around but I think mostly parties elsewhere. Not the train tracks, where the rats with human hands mill around. They're a rough crowd. I suspect "Ahhhh! MOUSE!" likes those bakeries that have their windows filled with real pastries, all day and night, as displays. I find those joints a bit gross, but "Ahhhh! MOUSE!" is way into them.