Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'll Take "A Visit To the Doctor" for 900 000 Rupiah, Please

Today we went to the Bali International Medical Center. The pain in my neck grew progressively worse last night until I couldn’t do anything but take Anne’s hydrocodone (like codeine) and whimper in bed. So the nice lady across the street who runs a reflexology clinic drove us to BIMC.

The security guard who is supposed to check our car with a mirror on a stick was sleeping. So we woke him up. Then he checked our car for a bomb. It reminded me of the Balinese customs officer who had us waiting in a line of about 10 people for at least 45 minutes. When we finally got to the front, the only thing he asked me was, “Do you have a boyfriend here?” As Anne would say, “Unbelievable!”

So anyway, after a short visit with a very nice doctor, he told me that I have a muscle spasm (well, actually, he told me the fancy medical term but I can’t remember it – it sounds like a combination of tortellini and tuberculosis - gross). Anyway, that’s what I have. But now I also have some valium and codeine so if that doesn’t help I really don’t know what will. After some room service lunch and a bit of writing, I’m going to pop a couple more and watch some HBO. If you think that sounds nice, you should see the view from my window. It’s torture. The weather is hyper-perfect. There are so many things to do. And I have to lie in bed with my head, neck and shoulders at a baffling configuration. Le sigh.

My only real concern is that I’m seeing straight soon enough to start shooting tomorrow in Jogja. So my vacation days were wasted. I can’t let that happen to the precious few days we have in Jogjakarta! Will write again when I get there.


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